Type 1 City: Musings on Modern Civilizations

I just realized something. I spoke earlier about ancient magic being bull(, and actually inventing the real thing? I’m very sure now that what I learned in Full Sail University is going to be the backbone for developing the new subject. The first volume. Kinda like basic arithmetic as far as math goes, and then you know the rest of the story.

What I have so far is merging of Art and Science using Fundamentals of Modular and Game Design. I may need to pick my sister’s brain for some help with Instructional Design too. Heavy use of practical applications of Bioelectricity, Quantum Mechanics, and Immersive Biofeedback Devices to connect and harmonize your own Bioelectricity to. Harmonics. BioElectrionic Biofeedback Harmonics. (drool)

we could link all of that with what I was saying earlier


about a mathematical simplification of the the overly complex current human form using a system of Gems made of High Design Elegance Nanomaterial(materials that do the work of machines)

A metro area the size of New York City could have all the heavy infrastuctures based in and controlled by a number of Transhuman Strong AI Goddesses operating on Clustered Wireless Quantum Computing(like the D-Wave that Google is messing with currently). Public Transportation, water lines, electric power lines, communication and internet fiber optics, heating, education, entertainment and the arts/sciences, vocational and business operations, all of it. Machine Goddesses the size of skyscrapers, smiling down with glowing eyes.

DIY Type 1 City.



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