Ultra Instinct of the Universe

Concept: A living, sentient Operating System.

I just thought of something. Ultra Instinct is the Neural Net of your Body that lets you rely on Muscle Memory and move your body without thinking. Your body knows where to punch or kick, and the best way to measure and apply that kinetic force.

But…The idea of Grand Unified Field Theory, as far as I can gather, being the driving force causing all science in the universe to work at all, may have a Neural Net, and may or may not be…Sentient.

What would happen if you connected the Ultra Instinct of your Body with the Ultra Instinct of your Environment?


Turning fucking trees into jelly beans level motherfucking MAGIC.

It would make sense, since you don’t have to think about the concept and technique of turning water into wine…The Universe already KNOWS how to transform that object, just like your right arm knows where to punch an opponent without conscious thought.

Fuck Construction. The Universe already KNOWS what your building idea is supposed to be built! And the Universe…does all the Fucking Work!

Which brings me to the reason I am displaying the Transhumanism Logo.

The Universe already KNOWS how to convert you into a Digital Human with a perfectly engineered and machined robot body at the skill level of someone I really don’t want to mention as an Atheist.

This would be more along the Lines of the God of Order that Einstein believed in.


This is what Chapdelaine does on his Sunday Nights. Somebody get this poor guy a Girlfriend!

And, yes, just like in the movie “Doctor Strange”, you could think of a spell as a program. A program runs on an OS, correct? A Spell, therefore is you wanting a specific effect, defining it perfectly in your imagination, and passing that info to your Ultra Instinct to Pass to The Universe’s Ultra Instinct. So, I would imagine, this is a theoretical example: A want Sailor Moon to appear in my room and start bitching about detention. No, I mean the cartoon character. called into existance, and constructed by, the Universe. Chain of Command. Your body ranks higher than your mind. That’s the concept. An interesting ramification and consqeuence of this is that we may not need to have Trained Skill anymore! Why learn to build a Car or a House when the Universe can do it a hell of a lot better than you can?



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