Universal Operating System

The Circle Spins into Function

I have a little more insight into God now. The only punishment offered is the same punishment your Car Engine gives you when you don’t maintain it with Oil and Gasoline. It simply stops working until you start using the machine correctly. Only this Engine is the OS of the Universe. It only wants functionality from you as a Component. It’s my understanding that Darwin gained a similar understanding when he was about to drown himself in the ocean.

I love my fingers. If they break, I don’t punish them. I heal them. It is the same thing on a much larger scale.

But I still get the distinct impression that this is an incomplete understanding.

It may not be my role in this great machine to cause change by myself. It may be that my task is to influence the ones that will, and I have no idea who they might be, or how many of them there are.



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