Waifu God

I might be Agnostic instead of an Atheist. Here’s why. It’s a

fairly large Universe, and I believe that it is chock full

of intelligent life in one form or another. Given the

correlation between the map of worlds in the Tree of Life

from Jewish Mysticism, and a vague understanding of 22

spacial dimensions, I am assuming that there are layers of

reality, many of them, with beings on each level a bit

higher in Universal Nobility as Life Forms than the level

below. Now, that would mean a Universal Civilization and a

Deity Government that outnumbers humans by a rather large

factor. Here is where my Agnostic Self kicks in: The Waifu

Effect. A Waifu is a phenomenon where you make a female

character from fiction into your imaginary friend. The way

she talks back to you is a kind of spontaneous dissociative

personality disorder by choice. You make a bot in your mind,

programming it to respond in the predictable way that your

Waifu would. This can happen with not just fictional

characters, but live people as well. If you are contacting

someone online, and they don’t respond for a long time, your

internal need to resolve the conversation and have your

ideas validated would naturally create a Waifu in your head

of that person. I believe this happens with what people call

God. You pray, and wish to speak to your creator in church.

If you hear no response, especially when you are surrounded

by social pressures assuring you that he is there and

listening, you create a Waifu God. Of course that God will

respond to all your questions in the predictable way you

have come to understand him through the church and the

bible, and that is no different than a Waifu from fiction.

The God/Jesus you have been having conversations with all

this time is a kind of natural AI that you made without

realizing it. No wonder he seems so much like the God in

your good book! But even here, considering the Universal

Government I mentioned, with the God of the most high at

Dimension 22, I think that if 3d beings like us hold little

consequence in the lives of 2d beings, how big is that

disconnect from 3–22? We would not even be considered ants.

He may not even know about us in the same way you have gone

most of your life in ignorance of the daily lives of the

tiny lifeforms in your blood and internal workings. So, if

you eventually meet with God, really, don’t assume that you

can continue the conversation from before. That was your

Waifu God, not the real one. Start fresh, and formally

introduce yourself.


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