Weird Science? Why not?

Playing God? I agree, and I also don’t care.

Here’s a question. If Scientists can now create human egg cells from human blood, and they can also use things like CRISPR to BioEngineer DNA, and Organs can be grown inside Pigs, why not design a completely new internal organ for the human body, using the DNA of the patient to grow said organ, that has the function of synthesizing stem cells as a part of normal metabolic functions? An Artificial Stem Cell Gland, providing a regular balanced dose of stems cells into the body’s systems to prevent aging altogether? If the new organ is based on your own DNA, then why would your white blood cells attack it as a foreign entity? If you can build a computer with protein based logic gates, then you may be able to have Organic AI. Why not Organic Machine Learning Organs? If it works beyond a reasonable doubt, then BioEngineer a Human Egg to include the new parts, and fertilize it with Human Sperm in an Artificial Womb, creating a new subspecies of Human that doesn’t age. If this is all too complex to design, then use Machine Learning Metaprogramming in a Supercomputer, in a Godelian Strange Loop of Progression to do the design work for you. If AI is now mastering GO to the point of beating our most skilled champions at that game, then we should put it to work on something like this. It may take only a few days.


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