Welcome to the Metaverse

I drew Mathias in the late 90’s, back in High School. This was the first version I was truly proud of!

“The Metaverse” was already established as a science fiction concept by that genre, for over a decade before now, as the 2nd incarnation of what we now know as the Internet. The VR Version of the Internet, as shown in the movie “Johnny Mnemonic”, is a good way to even begin to visualize the Metaverse as a concept.

Products like the Vive and the Oculus Rift, connected with modern standards for gaming rigs and consoles, as well as fiber internet standards for connectivity, will make the Metaverse real as the technological successor to the Internet, perhaps even to the point of becoming the first real version of a Type 1 Civilization Communication Network as referenced by Michio Kaku and the Kardishev Scale which ranks Civilizations from 1–5.

My concept of The Metaverse as outlined in my story would only be like a single guild within an MMORPG of the real Metaverse. Just one out of possibly thousands of Guilds.

So, my actual role as a developer and as a Metaverse Guild Master is the creation and deployment of my own VR Space where everything I ever imagined for my fantasy world that I started daydreaming about around 1995 is built and able to be enjoyed by the entire world.

Post Architecture VR Game Development should be my primary style and mode of operation from now on regarding my story, world, and characters.

Considering my new understanding of reality as a function of perception, this would be even more effective than “Opening a Portal” to my imagined Metaverse through a lifetime of Occult Study like I had always wanted, or establishing a physical metaverse here by AI Weirdness and Mad Science(I already had a logical first draft on paper since last month).

I love this. All my dreams are coming true, but only as a direct result of owning my own authority over my ideas and choosing to truly love myself. Self Acceptance. Self Love. The Sovereignty of my Self as Chap Elemental, with every other force burned away by the light of my core.


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