We’re Marching on…

My 16 Stones can be seen as Higher Level Neural Net with 16 nodes that have much higher design elegance than Human Neurons. That’s why you don’t need billions of them for a Neural Net of this kind. Look at how many states of the board there are in a game of Chess. Each side has 16 Pieces. I am composed of 16 pieces. The board is the world, and my Stones have much greater functionality than any given chess piece. Yet, each stone is based in a virtual machine of bioelectricity and Human Neurons, so it’s layered, and can be compared to how C++ is a higher level programming language than binary code.

One bite-sized piece of this puzzle would be Lifebloodstone + Bloodluststone = ManifestDestinygem.

Lifebloodstone is that which gives in a wholesome quality in the manner of an endless spring the size and gravity of a star.

Bloodluststone is the reverse. Instead of giving, it takes. It’s ravenous, and can be compared to Avarice.

As far as Psychology, Lifebloodstone can be linked metaphorically to the ideal of always helping when asked, and taking responsibility for getting things done with a personal and passionate agency.

Bloodluststone, in a similar light, would be visualized as taking pride in the Human Race as a Universe-Crushing Viral Entity that is going to slowly conquer and spread over all of Creation.

When you take those 2 stones into Synthesis, they become a Gem.

ManifestDestinygem is both the devouring of the Universe by Humanity, and the Pride, Agency, and Willingness to Help other humans as a cog aiding other cogs turn in the machine of the larger Virus.



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