Why I changed my social media life

This was my farewell to my life on facebook.

“Primary Idea: I should get completely off social media.


I said something hateful on a facebook group. It hurt me to hate so much that I’d spread my sadism. So, I deleted the comment.

I had a heated debate with an old friend from the marines. I might accidentally cause a falling out with him based on our argument.

another old friend from the marines, showed off that he was a Cyberbully, in that he wished someone with issues would simply kill themselves already. It was then that I began to have serious doubts about what social media meant to my life.

I started to watch CSI: Cyber, season one on dvd. It showed the dangers of social media, citing cyberbullying as one of the dangers. However, it just made me more aware of a large number of things I do on both social media and online in general that put me in danger from both criminals and the government.

I’ve been using my facebook page as a blog and a journal to express my ideas about life and my own issues, partly because I was seeking support from my friends. I should have an actual blog for this purpose.

Social media devolves real, physical friendships into a game of “like” buttons, and sharing memes/videos.

I had to purge my Twitter account of the hundreds of accounts I was following because they had nothing to do with my life. I have a few left based on strictly online friendships, the one exception being a friend I know from Bronies Boston.

My “friends” on facebook are largely people from my past that I want to stay in contact with, like from the military or high school, or even family members and old friends I’ve lost touch with. In most cases, facebook is the ONLY way I can even contact these people. If I lose my account somehow, I lose contact with all of them forever. That is a weakness I can no longer tolerate.

Social Media is an obsession in my life. It is a large part of my life. Too large. Too much time, and too much energy. It is an unhealthy obsession, and I should channel my energy in other, more productive ways.

I have let too many people friend me that I do not know. I’ve been posting sensitive information and data on my account too. This is a major flaw in my security.

A good friend from my old unit in the Marines left facebook too, and now we talk privately over email.

Facebook and Twitter collect my personal data and sell it to advertisers. My life is making them money. I feel used.

I should focus on physical friendships where I can meet people face to face, at conventions and meetup groups. If my old friends are too busy to keep in touch over anything other than facebook, I must not mean as much to them as I once did.

Solution: I will be collecting emails and phone numbers from my real friends I wish to keep in contact with. All my past rants will be copied into a text file and reposted on a real blog. I will begin operations to slowly deconstruct my social media identity while I get everyone’s contact info.

This is not goodbye, but it IS if you care more about your loyalty to social media than you do about me.”

I have since come back to facebook under a pen name, with nothing like personal data that could be used to identify or monetize my persona.

It was an interesting experience deleting my facebook account after many years of using it as a personal blog for my issues and rants of pseudo-intellect.

I had, of course, withdrawal symptoms. It’s kind of like quitting an addiction to something you thought you needed for basic happiness.

Unfortunately, I did need to return in some capacity. Not because of an addiction, but because I missed my friends and family, who I lost contact with because of my selfish idealistic ambition to change the social fabric of my loved ones.


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