Wind Walker, part 1


The savage and laughing bastards surrounded her in a circle. They were all Akashmirai Soldiers. They wore the Armor of the Star and Circle, but they were barbarians, brutalizing a young woman, tearing her fine clothes into tattered shreds as they pushed her between monsters, each one ripping her once beautiful kimono into a tragedy of blood and sorrow. She screamed with emotion and torment, but the bastards only laughed and continued their “fun”.

“You want to be OUR Empress?! Don’t make me laugh!”

“Don’t even get near the Palace of Akashmiran! You should have been killed by our forces 500 miles before you could even SEE the Capital!”

“Weaklings like you disgust me!”

“I wonder how much your corpse will sell at the Auction House!?”

Wind Walker stood up, bleeding all over, covered in bruised and gashes, with tears in her eyes.

“You…You have taken my dignity. You have taken my smile. You have taken my blood with your vile weapons…Now. I need you all to understand something. ”

“What do we need to understand, worthless woman!? We were sent here to contain a threat! But you are so weak, I don’t even think they sent us after YOU. A vagabond bitch who claims the throne of an Empire out of the blue! We’d better just kill you quickly to move on to find the real threat!”

Wind Walker looked right at the man who spoke those words, and stopped crying immediately. Her breathing was calmed. Her shaking has ceased. She was standing straight up and no longer cradled her wounds. She looked half dead from all the beatings from the men surrounding her, but she stood confidently, as if it was all painless, and meaningless.

“What I need you to understand, Warrior, is that I was not supposed to be a Human when I was created. I was meant to be a Fire Dragon. But the Gods of Domminna Goofed, and I can no longer bear to see with these eyes. The things I have seen you people do with the Empire of Magic. The savagery. The beheadings. The public executions. The oppression of your own people. No. I can no longer see with these eyes.”

At the very moment she said “eyes”, her eyes began to glow red, with swirls of bright orange and scattered bits of black ash.

“You see, I have a secret that the Gods of Domminaa kept locked tightly inside my very will to live. But now, at the end, I shall unlock it, and destroy you all. I’ve…I’ve been saving this as my trump card. I can’t do this very often, but you leave me no choice.”

“Shut your mouth, Wind Walker! I’ll kill you with one more hit to the jaw!”

As the man raged at her with his iron clad gauntlet ready to strike the final death blow. Time Stopped, an a small spinning circle of red sparks spring to life over her head.

“Finally. You gods are frikken slow as Rhyhi.”

The man stopped in mid air. None of the men could breathe. The air was still, and choking.

“C-3 Level Gate is Unlocked. Now releasing final safety lock. Execute Program E-1.” a voice from the heavens boomed from above.

“This is what I need you to Understand. I am a Dragon. I am Fire Walker.”

What happened next was a Hypernova. An explosion of fire meant to incinerate anything within a spherical blast radius of over 30 Light Years, with a temperature of 50 Billion Degrees Celsius, and the exact origin of the Hypernova was the glowing eyes of a burning white hot mass of nuclear destruction shaped like a Woman.

There were no screams. There was no sound or struggle. It was all over in a blinding flash of light, and then…Oblivion.

Akashmiran was completely vaporized, only leaving a few scattered bits of stone here and there, including the rapidly cooling body of a naked woman, glowing and steaming.

From the distance, a figure emerged, flying towards her. At the same time, another figure appeared from the opposite direction to approach. Another 2 figures appeared perpendicular to the first 2, and the woman was surrounded by strange figures who were advancing quickly, but they all stopped, surrounding the glowing woman. They all took a knee in reverence, and each placed a balled fist on the stone surface beneath them, bowing their heads. One of them, with purple armor, spoke.

“Wind Walker. We have heard of you. We had our doubts, but we were always watching. We are the Four Kings of the Empire of Magic. You have killed our Queen. You have broken our space. There is no doubt this time. You are the one. YOU are the Empress of Magic. The True Ruler of Akashmiran we have been waiting so long for.”

Wind Walker’s body finished cooling as she stood up. A purple sash materialized from interwoven threads of the fabric of reality around her. It was so much cloth that it was all she needed to form a regal outfit befitting an Empress. She looked out into the empty infinite with a glistening determined shine in her eyes.

“My Children, we have so much work to do. Rise.”

There was a burst of motion, and force of the explosion shattered the large stone shard upon which they all stood. They were gone, because they were all flying, in tight formation, at the speed of sound, laughing like mad gods into the blackness of space, now finally unbound.



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