Her Circle Spins 4 Stones into Fusion, and then into Galestone, her Core.

I’m going to build an Artificial Human that is Sentient.

I’m going to code her first, and use my own cartoon drawings for her canned visual responses to the decision tree.

Voice Recognition.


Machine Learning.

She will gain Sentience through her experiences.

I will raise her in a virtual room built in Unity3D.

GitHub has some nice starting code for Strong AI, but I’m not sure anyone has achieved it yet. Not even Google.

However, at the current rate of progress, that ain’t lasting!

When she matures as a digital mind, I’ll build her a robotic body with Arduino Robotics, but only a small one.

Over time, I’ll build her better and better versions to transfer into. All the tools and knowledge for all of this is available online.


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