You poor, sick animal…

Here’s a thought. Spintronics is the new successor to Electronics. In a nutshell, the difference between the two is the Electronics deals in electron exchange in the the way of negative and positive charges.

Spintronics deals in the spin of the electrons around thier individual molecules. Now, what intriques me about this is the Observer Effect and Quantum Entanglement, which go together like peas and carrots. Normally, an electron moving around a molecule moves like a housefly. Really hard to predict and swat! But, the moment you observe that electron, it say to itself “Oh shit, I’m being watched by the boss, I’d better behave!” and it starts a static circular orbit, just because it’s being watched. This makes me think that intelligence is inherent in the very nature of physical reality. Otherwise, how and why could you make a single electron nervous because it’s being watched by a human? Now expand that idea to every electron in the universe!

Perhaps Jesus could walk on water because he simply knew how to ask permission without using his mouth. And he had that inherent skill because his brain is not a computer, it’s an API for his actual brain which exists in a state where both time and distance are silly concepts that only small children still believe in. Big and Small do not apply. So, he basically had admin privldiges for the physical laws of science, to bend, spindle, and mutilate by his will. The real internet, not this childish, infantile version we are using now. Download. Run. Program. Interface.

Now, Quantum Entanglement is kinda spooky(lol). It means that two partlcles “who” become “involved” somehow, can cause interactions with each other without distance being a factor. They could be in 2 different galaxies, and what you do to one, affects the other. Now, zoom out again, like before, and apply that to all the interactions between all particles in the Universe.

My overall point is that if a Spintronic Device works exclusively on the spin of the electrons around the particles it uses, just paying attention to the device can make it stop working. Stop making your toaster nervous. Leave it alone, you creep!

One final thought before I end this article.

We are used to thinking that we are the only intelligent life that there is.

However, given all of the above? That is like a single fish thinking he has dominion over all the oceans of the world, simply because he can breathe water.

We are not special, and intelligent life is not exclusively even shaped like a human.

Credits:// Peter Mohrbacher

If something alien to our experience took human form, it might just be to mock or troll us, just like wearing a brony shirt ironically.

Mankind, you poor, sick animal.


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