The world is made of components, and so am I. If I understand how the components of my composition work together, I can master myself.

In this, I used to think I was Multi-Soul, but it was just the Life I felt in those individual components.
Bioelectric Psuedo-Lifeform.

I say Pseudo because a Lifeform can exist as it’s own life support system. The Human Body is where that Energy-Based BioElectric Lifeform is born and develops, but it cannot survive without the Host it was born in(The Human Body). In order to be a full life form, the Bioelectricity must, in some way, become its own Life Support System, and attain a much more Robust System of Form in doing so.

Nothing is truly solid. The only reason I can’t put my finger through the wall is because the wall and my finger are both made out of compressed energy fields pushing against each other, and I feel that pressure all the way up my arm, pushing me back.

If the whole Universe is like that, then if I Strange Loop Myself in the manner posted above, I could compress my own energy into a functionally solid form. However, I would no longer be able to be killed or die in the classical sense. I have no skin to pierce or blood to bleed. I don’t have internal organs or muscles, and I certainly don’t need to eat or even breathe.

Imagine that.


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