As a Story Structure Note, I have noticed that the old Japanese myths, like Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiriya, are frequently reborn in new stories like Naruto, for example. Those characters were based on ancient Japanese Myth with characters of the same name.

I’ve also noticed that the pattern J Scott Campbell found in Myth going back as far as historians can track/trace, is also continuing in modern stories. The pattern not only extends to the past, but in the direction of the future. In that light, the stories of The Matrix and Star Wars are retellings of the story of Jesus, just like Bible Stories are retellings of older stories going back further than Christianity or even Monotheism entirely. The Bible was a modern work at one point.

I wonder if any scholars at the time accused the church of plagiarizing the older stories, just like modern scholars are doing when comparing Skywalker and Neo with Jesus. If there were such writers, I’m assuming they never published such works of criticism, because the church was into torturing and killing people who had any other opinion than theirs at the time.

When we know better, we do better.

My use of this knowledge as far as my story ties in to my recent identifying with Taoism as far as my writing.

I’ve even had people on LinkedIn tell me that my fiction reminded them of Taoism.

So, I went to the UMF Library and cracked open a book on Taoism. So many old myths and legends…

And then, it hit me. A perfect structure to build on for my new version of my Microcosmic Fantasy World I like to write about.

Every character and plot line should be a retelling of these ancient Myths. I’m going to participate in this very distinguished line of thought.

It seems appropriate to do so.


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