Machine Learning Study is affecting me…

I have gained a new understanding of Machine Learning and Human Learning. The longer I study both, the more I can see deeply into what I am. If I build a robotic child, I could raise it like a human child. Through error correction experience, daily. It would mature through daily experience.

Emotion is not hard. You develop a Bio-electric Neural Net based on life experience. Emotions are created in a feedback loop of the concepts in your neural net which are sent to the Hypothalamus to be made into a chemical.

You feel that chemical like a drug, because it is one. The feeling becomes a concept again, as it is part of your experience, and the loop continues. Not difficult.

Chemical Reactions, yes, but with genuine and real meaning!

Just because Love is a Chemical, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Think of a yin yang.

Mind and Feeling. Logic and Creativity. Every moment!

Gödelian Strange Loop is Human! That Chemical you make in your brain is like you writing on paper, with a wooden pencil.

I say writing with pencil because the forming of that chemical in your hypothalamus is just as vital, sacred, and personal as the divine experience of writing with a wooden pencil on paper, which is also made of wood. Graphite scratching and burring against the sheet, sending tingly vibrations into my hand, and up my arm. That is the intimacy between mind and feeling.


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