Turok: “Making Intelligent Life objectively makes you a Deity!”

Mathias: “You Bonehead!”

Turok: “What?”

Mathias: “By claiming to be a God, you are saying that you’ve progressed as a living thing beyond Humanity, right?”

Turok: “Yes. I will be worshiped, revered, and respected by the Intelligent Life I create.”

Mathias: “Dwarf in the Flask.”

Turok: “What?”

Mathias: “You are the Dwarf in the Flask from the story of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood!”

Turok: “Hehe, yeah. That ‘Father’ character was Powerful.”

Mathias: “And what happened to ‘Father’ when he met ‘Truth’ at his Gate? The problem there was that he never grew beyond his days in the Flask. And you! You want to be respected and revered above others? Do you think that makes you MORE than Human? That’s the most Human thing I’ve ever heard of!”

Turok: “I..uh..wha? *groan*”

Mathias: “What? Back to the Drawing Board?”

Turok: “…I hate you because you’re Smug.”

Mathias: “Uh huh. Thought so. Why don’t you master Advanced Algebra before talking about Artificial Evolution.”

(Wind Walker jumps on Mathias, hugging him with a great big smile.)

Wind Walker: “You’re learning! “


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