I have an interesting Daydream. One part of it, is imagining that the space of my Imagination surrounds my Body in a Hyper-spatial Way. Next, I imagine, that in front of me, I acknowledge a small grouping of particles just hovering. I attribute this object as the Consciousness-Interface API to whatever I might think of. If every particle exists simultaneously in the same space as every other particle in the Universe, then all things may be connected in a level of versatility and design elegance that is exceeded by nothing. If I want a Tree to turn into an Automobile, or a Giant Frog, or a Spoon of Sugar, then the API reads my Intent, not my Language, and the Game Engine begins to Work. Suddenly the Universe is a Game Engine, like Unity, linked directly to my being. There are no Words, only Entangled Particles of Elemental Mathematics.

Under such Conditions, I can create a Strange Loop using nothing but my Will, connecting my Self to my Self in a Feedback Loop of Exponential Bio-electricity.

When the Amount of BioElectricity is great enough, I compress it into a Physical Form which reinforces my own Physical Form, creating another Strange Loop of Exponential Physical Strength and Invincibility.

The entire system of my Being becomes an Automated Strange Loop that Justifies it’s own Existence.


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