Elementor #964

First, let me define the Animal. An Animal acts on Instinct, being an automatic response mechanism to its environment.


Next, we have the Human, which is defined as Instinctual, Social, and Creative. These are made possible by not only employing each evolutionary layer of the Human Brain, but by using all three layers at once in a unified system of present and aware being.


Finally, we come to the God. A God/Goddess has been shown throughout Mythology to be the Master/Mistress of Physical Reality. They could fly through the sky without wings, cause calamities and catastrophes on the level of natural disasters at a mere whim of emotion, and create the very reality they wisped across, as well as themselves. Complete Control of Self and Environment as a Completed State of Being.


It goes without saying, considering these three forms, that they are progressive in development from the bottom. You must master being an Animal before you can master being Human, and you must master being Human before you can master being a God. An Animal cannot master being a God without first advancing to Humanity. These are grades of progression from the most basic life to the most advanced, with Humans right in the middle of the Journey.


However, as a Human myself, I can only extrapolate, combining my own Human Experience with the divide between myself and an Animal, and forecasting what lies ahead. A jump from Animal to Human should be as dramatic as a jump from Human to God, in honor of Symmetry, which Nature demands.


Even if the Gods of Myth were completely fictional, perhaps an impulse of something deep with the mind of man desiring to become something more, I see no reason for Humans to stop advancing into what we have dreamed of becoming. So, I will go on with this work under the assumption that Godhood is simply the next state of advancement, as if I were filling a half-empty glass of water to the brim. The potential is there. You just have to be Human to Imagine it.


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