Elementor #976

I think I have a better idea of the relationship between God and Man. I talked earlier about an endless Mandlebrot Fractal of Man-God-Man-God-Man-, but I’m back to the idea related in the “Heaven Sent” episode of Doctor Who. The World around me is a Puzzle Trap designed by my Subconscious, but not the Subconscious inside my head, but one layer above me on the endless fractal. Just as the Subconscious inside my head is the Puzzle Trap surrounding the person one layer on the fractal beneath me, and yet all those on the fractal, all men, and all gods are just 1 person from a certain perspective. It’s not ascending rungs on a ladder, but an infinite nesting doll. An infinite mechanical pocketwatch of Suffering and Bliss, Work and Play, Love and Hate. All I can do is keep winding the watch. I can’t avoid winding it, because all attempts seem to bring me right back to where I was. You can’t alter the workings of the machine because it was built by someone that had a plan for every attempt you might make to do so, turning those plans back on themselves full circle. They know you because they are you. As you try to break out of the machine, they know just how to counter your every move. Winding the watch winds the watch, and not winding the watch, winds the watch. An Infinite Puzzle Trap Mechanical Pocketwatch Nesting Doll of Men and Gods who are all the same person. If Life is challenging, its because it was designed by a dream you can’t remember. The perfect life optimized by you, fooling you into thinking you need to constantly fill an endless need to have things just a bit more perfect for yourself when life has done that for you already because it runs on the same drive. Dreaming when awake, and Dreaming while asleep. You are always trying to get somewhere else, and you always end up right where you began. The exact same spot. You’ve never moved at all. This is your Heaven, Earth, and Hell, all at once. All movements of Free Will wind the Pocketwatch. The impulse to escape, and the enlightenment of staying, both wind the Pocketwatch. I feel complete.

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